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Messages from the Executive Vice President

September 10, 2013

Strategic Refresh Goal 1: Discovery and Innovation

Last fall, we embarked on a planning process named UConn Health 2020. We began with a series of half day and evening retreats that included department chairs, center directors, and others, followed by open, live sessions of faculty and staff. We then posted rough versions of the goals and objectives online, so that those who could not attend the live sessions had a chance to provide input. We followed the online, open sessions with an opportunity for all faculty and staff to rank and rate our goals. I then personally met with about 50 of our junior faculty in what I call “recalibration” sessions.

Overall, the Health Center community articulated six goals. Goal 1 is to become a world-renowned destination for discovery and innovation. Based on notes taken at these sessions, we have now assembled a working draft of the objectives for Goal 1 for your comments. You can find the draft on Health Center Express.

I want to give everyone a chance to weigh in on this draft. Please feel free to drop off written comments and additional thoughts. On Wednesday, September 18, I am setting aside the entire day for small group meetings for those who want to discuss the draft in more detail. You can participate in one of these groups by emailing Christine Bennett at Please remember that arriving at a final articulation of Goal 1 is a consensus effort that necessarily involves choices and prioritization.

You can also volunteer for “implementation teams.” These teams will be charged with helping to assure that we keep on track in the implementation phases of our plan. If you are interested in converting these objectives into reality, please participate. You can join by emailing

The remaining goals of the Strategic Refresh will be sent out in the coming days. 


Frank M. Torti
Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
Dean, UConn School of Medicine