Photo of the UConn Health Center

Messages from the Executive Vice President

November 14, 2013

UConn Health 2020 Moves Forward

I am pleased to announce that a complete version of UConn Health 2020 is now available on Health Center Express. Based on your input to the draft posted earlier this summer, we have defined realistic, tangible objectives and tactics for all six of our shared goals.

These six goals, which touch all areas of the Health Center, are to:

  • Discover and innovate
  • Prepare graduates for lifelong success
  • Deliver world-class health care
  • Enhance wellness and health equity
  • Become a "best place to work"
  • Ensure financial health and strength

Now that we have completed the first phase of our strategic refresh, we are ready to begin implementing these goals. The specific objectives and tactics will guide our progress. We will dive deeper into each of the goals in subsequent messages.

I remain grateful for the time and thoughtful contributions that so many of you made to bring this project forward.


Frank M. Torti
Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
Dean, UConn School of Medicine