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Messages from the Executive Vice President

June 25, 2014

UConn Health’s Affirmative Action Plan

I am pleased to share UConn Health’s Affirmative Action Plan which includes policies, hiring/promotional goals, and program goals regarding:

  • Affirmative Action, Non-Discrimination, and Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • HIV/AIDS Non-Discrimination
  • Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

Policy Statements
The above mentioned policies will be distributed to all employees through the Office of Diversity and Equity’s web page, and posted on bulletin boards throughout UConn Health.

Vice Presidents, deans, directors, and other supervisory employees are asked to ensure that the policies above are posted in their respective units in locations highly visible to employees, students, and the general public. New employees will receive copies of the policy statements in the package of information they receive on their first day of employment, as part of the New Employee Orientation Program.

Affirmative Action Plan
The Affirmative Action Plan is located in the ODE Office at 16 Munson Road, 4th floor in Farmington and it is located on their website. It will be available for all employees to review and make written comments until June 30, 2014. Any comments or concerns can be directed to Arnold Lizana, Associate Vice President, Office of Diversity and Equity and Affirmative Action Officer at 860-679-3563.

Hiring and Promotional Goals
The hiring and promotional goals are located on the ODE’s web page, and are updated throughout the year.

Program Goals
The following program goals were established in the Affirmative Action Plan:

  • Increase targeted recruitment activity for faculty and managerial hires.
  • Evaluate system changes to allow new employees to self-identify their ethnicity and race by selecting more than one race and or ethnicity.
  • Update search committee training to ensure people are treated in a nondiscriminatory manner throughout the search process, and to ensure a nondiscriminatory working environment.
  • Office of Diversity and Equity will offer developmental guidance to the UConn Health goal applicant employees, who were interviewed and were not the successful candidate.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to equal employment opportunity and building a diverse workforce. I look forward to greater accomplishments in achieving our affirmative action goals and to becoming a workplace that embraces the unique talents and contributions of a diverse workforce.


Frank M. Torti
Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
Dean, UConn School of Medicine