The Cardiology Division is based at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, where the faculty cares for a large number of ambulatory patients as well as inpatients at Connecticut Children’s, including cardiac surgery patients. The members of the Division have a wide variety of interests including electrocardiography; echocardiography including 3 dimensional echocardiography; adult congenital heart disease, exercise stress testing; cardiac catheterization with interventional cardiology and angiography; electrophysiology, preventative cardiology, and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.

The division has been instrumental in establishing and publishing national guidelines for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation in infants and children. Research interests involve the role of cardiac MRI in the early detection of myocardial changes during and after cancer chemotherapy.

The division of cardiology has a number of offices.  These sites include: Connecticut Children’s, Glastonbury, Danbury, Shelton, Waterbury, Southbury, Torrington, and Putnam.

Teaching medical students, residents, and adult cardiology fellows is a large part of the mission of the Division.  Pediatric residents work with members of the division in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings during their elective.  Many medical students choose to participate in the elective and function equal to the pediatric residents.  Adult cardiology fellows from the area, including the University of Connecticut, rotate for one month during their fellowship.

Cardiology Faculty

Harris B. Leopold, M.D
Associate Clinical Professor and Division Head

Felice Heller, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor

Seth Lapuk, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor

Alicia Wang, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor 

Olga Toro-Salazar, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor

Amy Wu, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor

Paul Kirschbom, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor

Derek Obayashi, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor

Daniel J. Diana, M.D.
Harris B. Leopold, MD

University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency Program, Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Medical Education, 4H, 282 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106