Continuity Clinic

Each resident attends continuity clinic for one afternoon each week, 36 per year in 26 weeks. 10 continuity clinics can be doubled up during weeks of ambulatory. There are various sites at which incoming interns may choose to do their continuity clinic. These include the two academic centers: Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and the Burgdorf/Bank of America Health Center. Continuity clinics at the academic centers are groups of PL-1, PL-2, and PL-3 residents in a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio with dedicated continuity clinic faculty. Additionally, there are a number of private practice continuity clinic sites that a resident may choose for an individual or solo continuity clinic.

Over the course of the three-year residency, each resident will develop and follow a panel of their own continuity patients. The residents will serve as the primary care physician for these children. This will enable the residents to follow their patients’ growth and development longitudinally throughout their pediatric training.

Residents are directly supervised by primary care faculty in continuity clinic to provide clinical teaching and guidance. In addition to clinical encounters, the continuity clinic experience is further enhanced by a weekly, resident-driven didactic conference called “Topic of the Week”. Part of the “Topic of the Week” curriculum is participation in the Johns Hopkins Ambulatory Care learning modules. Residents complete their practice-based quality improvement projects during continuity.

Continuity clinic is an essential and highly-valued component of our pediatric residency program. Attendance at continuity clinic supersedes all other clinical duties. Residents will be freed from clinical responsibilities in all other rotations to attend their continuity clinic. Residents do not attend continuity clinic when on night team or away rotations.

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