Pediatric Residency Program Activities

A key component to the success of the Pediatric Residency Program is to engage our pediatric residents in interactive activities. These activities help to create an environment that is comfortable for the residents as well as in promoting camaraderie and building lasting bonds.

Match Day

Match Day is a day filled with anticipation and excitement for medical students. The University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency administrative staff attends this yearly event to participate in the ceremonies and to congratulate the medical students.

New Resident Orientation

Orientation is a weeklong event that consists of a multitude of informational sessions, workshops (including courses in Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Neonatal-Resuscitation), computer training, and a community tour.
New Student Orientation 2012

Tour of Hartford

During Resident Orientation Week, the interns are given a tour of Hartford.  This tour introduces the new residents to the city, acquaints them with Hartford’s city life, and familiarizes them with the facilities that provide services to children and families who come to CT Children’s Medical Center.

Welcoming Picnic

The Welcoming Picnic is a “get to know each other” event held yearly after the last day of new resident orientation.  The picnic is always an enjoyable event in which the faculty and current residents have the opportunity to meet the incoming residents and their families.

Mentor-Mentee Lunch

The mentor-mentee lunch is one of the events during orientation. The luncheon gives incoming residents an opportunity to spend time with their mentors and to start building a relationship that will last through their entire residency.


Extracurricular activities such as retreats encourage continued development as individuals and physicians.  Each retreat consists of a morning discussion session on issues pertinent to residents at their stage of training.  This session is followed by a luncheon, an afternoon recreational activity and, finally, a dinner with invited faculty.  The recreational activity is done as a group and is designed to build group unity.  In prior years, residents have elected to engage in activities such as laser tag, canoeing, bowling, and apple picking.

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving Breakfast is a tradition that was started by a former resident, and a current faculty member, Dr. Juan Salazar. We have continued to observe it as a day when we can all gather together to share breakfast and our thoughts with our colleagues and new faculty.

Resident Holiday Party

The holidays are a time for family and friends, and we like to promote this by holding an annual holiday party. Our faculty, residents and their families all come together to exchange presents, enjoy a wonderful meal, and visit with Santa (also known as our Program Director, Dr. Zalneraitis).



Graduation Banquet

Graduation is a festive event where faculty, staff and junior residents celebrate with our graduates.  The event starts with a reception and resident slideshow, followed by dinner and an awards ceremony.  The graduates take this opportunity to display a mischievous, but fun vignette, skit or video of their graduating class. The evening ends with dancing until midnight.


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