PL - 3 Year

During the PL-3 year, residents assume the greatest amount of responsibility for teaching and supervision of residents and medical students in all areas of patient care. The greatest level of leadership and knowledge is required in this role, though senior residents still benefit from the guidance of their faculty supervisors whenever needed.

The PL-3 resident serves as the senior supervisor for three inpatient rotations at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, including 2 2-week blocks of nights. This inpatient experience includes a Teaching resident role, which also provides the opportunity for independently admitting and managing patients. They also act as the supervisory resident in 1 block each of PICU and NICU. During the PL-3 ED block, the resident continues to have primary patient care responsibilities, with greater independence in caring for patients of higher acuity. Each PL-3 resident also has two additional blocks dedicated to the ambulatory practice experience, but with an added level of complexity to allow for necessary growth and sophistication in completing this curriculum. A fourth block of ambulatory medicine may be added if the resident chooses to have one of his/her discretionary blocks to be an ambulatory block.

There are five additional block discretionary rotations for a total of twelve discretionary rotations over the course of three years. One of these rotations in the PL-3 year is also taken call free, without any night or weekend call. Call responsibilities when not on inpatient/PICU/ED blocks include weekend cross-cover for the inpatient units, sick call coverage, transport calls, and after-hours telephone coverage for the outpatient practice. There are four weeks of vacation, and holiday coverage is the same as described for the PL-1 year.

University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency Program, Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

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