Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center / Mount Sinai Hospital

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center/Mount Sinai Hospital constitutes the second largest urban community hospital complex serving the greater Hartford metropolitan area. Over 15,000 visits are made annually to the Pediatric Primary Care Center, which also serves as a practice site for the ambulatory curriculum and the continuity experience. Subspecialty clinics include Adolescent Medicine and Behavioral/Developmental Pediatrics, with those academic specialty divisions based there. Faculty interests include medical anthropology and culturally sensitive health care, pain management, sexual abuse, autism, and child health supervision services. Saint Francis is also home to the Hartford Regional Lead Treatment Center, a community program dedicated to helping children with lead poisoning and their families. Through its Mount Sinai Hospital component, Saint Francis is linked to the Burgdorf Community Health Center, which serves as the third ambulatory practice and continuity site.

University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency Program, Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Medical Education, 4H, 282 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106