Photo of baby dressed as a lamb

March 2014

March 1
Amani born to Erika and Anthony

March 4
Jacob born to Karen and Carl

March 6
Aanvi born to Santi and Manohar
Yadimil born to Maria and Victor

March 7
Arabella born to Lindsey and Michael

March 9
Aubrey born to Ashley and Jesus

March 10
Ryan born to Tina and Kevin

March 13
Adhvir born to Vidya and Balaji

March 14
Presley born to Jennifer and Brian
Hailey and Lucas born to Nicole and John

March 19
Charlotte born to Melissa and Timothy

March 20
Jose born to Rose and Luis

March 24
Aiden born to Vanessa and Andrew

March 26
A'Miah born to Camille and Ryan

March 28
Riaan born to Dinika and Prasad

March 29
Troymáir born to Amber and Troy

March 31
Hunter born to April and Patrick